• Creation
  • Challenge
  • Satisfaction

Health-One continuously challenge and create new thing
for customer’s satisfaction.

We, Health-One Co.,Ltd has continuously put our power for <Creation>, <Challenge>, <Customer’s Satisfaction> since the
establishment on 2003, and continuously concentrating our power to create new Health-Care product and service based on
10 years experience since we launched Commercial Treadmill “HERA” in 2005.

In order to achieve our goals, we are continuously participating in various Research & Development Project with famous
domestic universities and laboratories, and strategic partnership with overseas advanced companies to strengthen our
product’s quality, performance and user’s fitness improvement.

Technical Skills

  • 유산소 운동 프로그램
    1. Samsung Electronics Sensor Product Development Team
    Bio Processor & Development of linkage with fitness equipment
    2. Health Service Team
    Galaxy watch and treadmill linkage development
  • 듀얼 블루투스
    Dual Bluetooth
    Wireless Headphone, Wireless
    Heart Rate Measurement System
  • 정전용량 소프트 터치 버튼
    Capacitive Soft Touch Button
    Semi-permanent & capacitive PCB
    and tempered glass
  • 터치 스크린
    Touch Screen
    23" LED Full HD TV Monitor Touch Screen
  • 유산소 운동 프로그램
    Cardio Workout Programs
    6 different customized Cardio Workout Programs
  • 유산소 운동 프로그램
    Research Institute for Industry-Academic
    Cooperation Vo2Max measurement feasibility study using treadmill

To apply all above technical skills, we have successfully develop our own IT product and total health care system by ourselves. Over 60 overseas countries shows great interest in Bluetooth Wireless Headphone, convenient Touch Screens, artificial intellect cardio workout programs, semi-permanent lifespan soft touch controller,
wristband type wireless heart rate measurement system, etc.

Health-One will keep challenging for all customer’s health, wellness and happiness in this Well-Being century.

Thank you very much!


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